Deep Learning Intern

August 3, 2020

Origin Health is a Singapore-based medical health startup to identify congenital disabilities from ultrasound scans using Deep Learning for image segmentation. I am a part of the image segmentation team and the package development team. As an image segmentation team member, I built better deep learning models for more robust and accurate segmentation maps. As a package development team member, I was responsible for maintaining the segmentation package, fixing bugs, and adding new functionality.

With my package's help, the number of experiments per day increased five times; this resulted in finding the best model quickly and, in turn, saving resources. Working in this startup was a truly enriching experience. I learned to write systematic and clean code, perform unit tests, fix bugs, understand agile software development methodologies and the software development industry's workings.

Internship duration: 4 months

Skills: Deep Learning, Image Segmentation, Jira, Confluence, Python Package Development, Git, GitHub

Deep Learning Framework: PyTorch

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