Automate sending files to an FTP server

November 7, 2021

As developers, we love automation, and I am no different. I want to share an automation project which I worked on recently. Before going into what I did, I want to explain what I wanted to achieve. So whenever I am out for a walk or gym, I like to listen to podcasts or YouTube videos. The catch is that I feel that there are some YouTube videos that I am better of listening to rather than consuming it along with the video. One way of achieving this is to have a YouTube Premium subscription and let the video play in the background. But I feel this is an unnecessary wastage of bandwidth, and there are other platforms where people have excellent podcasts like twitch. I thought it would be better to download the podcasts/videos and have them with me. It would also be helpful if there are connectivity issues.

So what does this project do?

So when you provide the URL of any video to this project it

  • Downloads the video
  • Strips the audio
  • Increases the audio playback speed (since we all know 1x is too slow :))
  • Log the sequence of events and the errors if there are any to files. (I am very proud of adding logging to this project since it has saved me a ton of time in debugging. Also, if something breaks I know where to look)
  • Send the modified audio file to the FTP server running on my android phone

Prerequisites before running the project

There are some prerequisites before you try to clone the project and run it

  • You should have an android phone. I don't know if iPhone allows you to run an FTP server.
  • Download the app WiFi FTP Server from the play store for creating the FTP server on mobile.
  • Linux machine since we have a shell script to run. Mac was giving me some permission issues
  • You must have ffmpeg installed in your system.
  • The mobile running the FTP server and the Linux machine should be on the same private network

Code and instructions on how to run it.

If you are stuck feel free to reach out to me.

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